What is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?


Whether you've had a car accident, sports injury, or are affected by the stress of work, home, and life--chances are you need a massage! Our certified massage therapists can help facilitate healing in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments. Contact us today to make an appointment!!!! 610-250-0423

Amato Chiropractic offers several forms of massage given by our certified massage therapists:

  • Deep Muscle Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage

Massage is a gentle therapy that relieves pain and tension. Together with chiropractic it can heal certain conditions and help prevent others. Known as one of the best antidotes for relieving stress, a massage can renew your energy by:

  • *Increasing the free flow of oxygen and other nutrients to your cells
  • *Relieving pain or tingling by relaxing contracted muscles
  • *Increasing circulation and in-turn draining tissues of excess fluids and waste products
  • *Stimulating production of natural lubrication in joints

Most commonly used for pain or restrictive movement due to accidents, repetitive movements, or everyday tension; massage therapy is used in conjunction with many other therapies. Massage can also increase overall wellness by relieving symptoms or conditions that are aggravated by anxiety, such as asthma, insomnia, and other illnesses.

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