Different Types of Massage Therapy


Often referred to as Swedish Massage, deep muscle massage is a technique using long flat strokes and kneading of the upper muscles.  The therapist then applies pressure to penetrate deeper into the muscle working more tense areas a little longer.  The objective is to allow individual muscle fibers to release tightness, therefore releasing toxins and creating relaxation and encouraging the muscle to operate at full capacity.  This is called myofascial release. 


When tension occurs, muscle and soft tissue facia gets bound restricting blood and oxygen flow and movement of the muscle.  By penetrating in such a way as to not cause the body to react defensively, the massage therapist helps rehabilitate the muscles.  Continued massage therapy helps hold chiropractic adjustments and trains muscles to relax. 



This type of massage is a more gentle relaxing massage.  It is not used to deeply penetrate problem areas, but create an overall relaxing feeling.

In conjunction with chiropractic, massage works both sides of the spine to increase blood flow and circulation and stimulate nerve endings.  Recent research suggests massage additionally aids in developing a healthier immune system.  Uric acid and other toxins that build up in your muscles are released through massage.  This helps prevent sickness and injuries.

Regular therapeutic massage is considered preventative care before deep muscle massage becomes a necessary recourse to overstressed, tightened muscles. 



Since the ancient days of Greeks and Romans, people have used basalt stones for therapy and relaxation.  The moist heat of the stones creates a gentle, yet effective relaxation of the muscle tissues that increases the effectiveness of a massage.  By relaxing surface muscles your therapist can access deeper muscles without stressing the muscle tissue.  The stones provide mineral enrichment from the healing nature of the stones.

Basalt stones are modified igneous rocks formed by volcanic and sedimentary actions.  The density of the stones retains heat longer making them more effective for therapy.  The stones are placed on acupressure points or specific stiff muscles and joints to melt away knots, tension, and stress.  Smaller stones are used for reflexology of the fingers and toes.  Small stones are also used on facial muscles.

The overall technique allows for a gentle effective treatment to relieve pain and promote balance and harmony thoughout your body. 


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